Valentine’s Day

DIY Gumball Machine

Valentine’s Day is almost here and I am all about the DIY projects! Everyone was posting about the infamous gumball machine at Target and I knew I just had to create my own! Follow the steps below to create your own unique gumball machine for Valentine’s Day!



  1. Paint the clay pot and clay saucer the color of your choice. I used Apple Barrel Pink Blush and Apple Barrel White for the rim of the pot and saucer.
  2. Paint the wooden knob. I used Apple Barrel White.
  3. Flip the clay pot upside down so the opening is on the bottom. Decorate the pot with the heart stickers.
  4. Use the glue gun to attach the wooden knob to the bottom of the clay saucer. Put the knob in the middle.
  5. Use the glue gun to attach the bubble bowl to the clay pot (it will be glued to the bottom of it)
  6. Fill the bubble bowl with the candy of your choice!
  7. Put the lid onto the bubble bowl
  8. Tie a piece of white yarn to the top of the clay pot

Valentine’s Day Art Project for Kids

If you were to ask me my favorite holiday decor, my answer would always be the artwork that my kids do! There is just something so special about homemade art that always brings a smile to your face! This is one of my favorite projects yet and it’s of course made with lots of LOVE!



  1. Cut out a heart using construction paper. Make sure the heart is smaller than the actual canvas.
  2. Tape the heart to the middle of the canvas.
  3. Choose the paints you would like your kids to use and pour them out.
  4. Attach cotton balls or pom poms to a clothespin. You want to have a few of these available and ready to go! We started with cotton balls but switched to pom poms.
  5. Let your kids paint all over using the cotton ball and clothespin. They will dab the clothespin in the paint.
  6. Once the paint dries, remove the heart.

To see a video of the boys in action, click this link.

That ‘s it! It’s super easy and fun. My boys were focused the whole time and were so excited to see the end result. If you decide to make these, make sure to tag my Instagram account @jaimiepriamo . I love to feature people on my page! Is this something that you would try with your kids?