St. Patty’s Day Playdough Station

The boys have been really into playdough lately, so I decided to create a St. Patty’s Day playdough station for them! Who knew that making your own playdough was actually pretty easy!? Along with the playdough, I gathered some fun items with all different textures that they could decorate it with. I chose lots of green and gold to make it really festive! This activity … Continue reading St. Patty’s Day Playdough Station

Rainbow Donuts

We are getting into the St. Patty’s Day spirit with some festive rainbow donuts! These donuts are very easy to make and kids love them because of how colorful they are! Check out the recipe below: Ingredients: Flaky jumbo biscuits Vanilla icing Fruit Loops Mini Marshmallows Here is the link to our air fryer that we use for EVERYTHING! Recipe: Put the biscuits in … Continue reading Rainbow Donuts