St. Patty’s Day Playdough Station

The boys have been really into playdough lately, so I decided to create a St. Patty’s Day playdough station for them! Who knew that making your own playdough was actually pretty easy!? Along with the playdough, I gathered some fun items with all different textures that they could decorate it with. I chose lots of green and gold to make it really festive! This activity … Continue reading St. Patty’s Day Playdough Station

Snow Painting

The recent low temperatures and wind chills below zero made it really hard to enjoy the snow outside with the kids! It was way too cold for them to be outside especially playing in the snow. I knew that I needed to find someway they could enjoy the snow safely. This is when I thought of snow painting! What is Snow Painting? It’s exactly how … Continue reading Snow Painting

Valentine’s Day Learning Activity

As a former teacher, I love to create activities for the boys that focus on multiple different skills. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I wanted to create a fun activity for them that involved hearts. I decided to create a counting activity because math is a big focus in our household right now. I love this activity because it is easy to create (hello busy … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Learning Activity