Advent calendars are such a fun way to create more excitement about the upcoming Christmas holiday. Growing up, I always looked forward to opening the little door on my advent calendar to get a tiny piece of chocolate! It’s amazing how something so small can make you so happy. I decided to create my own advent calendar for my boys!

I wanted to make my advent calendar filled with fun activities to do as a family over the month of December leading up to Christmas. To create my board, I used the following supplies:

To start, I numbered all 25 pillow candy boxes (one for each day). Once they were numbered, I started decorating them with holiday stickers. You could also use scrapbook paper to make them stand out as well!

After my boxes were decorated, I measured my ribbon. I need 5 pieces vertically and 5 pieces horizontally. I decided to use different ribbon patterns for my horizontal pieces and vertical pieces, but you could do it anyway you like! Once the ribbon is measured out, you can superglue it to the display board. You want to space them as evenly as possible. I started by putting a piece in the middle and then worked from there.

Once the ribbon is glued to the board, you want to fill your decorated boxes before gluing them to the board. We decided to put activities in our boxes, but you could do stickers, candy, or anything small in there.

Last, I glued the pillow boxes to the board in numerical order. I had 5 rows of 5. After everything is glued down, your board is ready to go! Pretty easy , right!?

If you decide to do an activity advent calendar, here are some ideas that I used for my advent calendar:

  • Make an ornament
  • Indoor snowball fight
  • Winter Sensory Bin
  • Trip to the zoo or aquarium
  • Make a gingerbread house
  • Christmas picnic by the tree
  • Neighborhood stroll to see the lights
  • Make Christmas cards
  • Make smores
  • Drive to see Christmas lights
  • Christmas craft
  • Christmas book night
  • Christmas coloring page
  • Make hot chocolate
  • Special Christmas themed breakfast
  • Christmas dance party
  • Christmas movie night
  • Bake cookies
  • Christmas craft
  • Christmas scavenger hunt
  • Go on a hike
  • Game night
  • Special Christmas photos
  • Christmas pajamas
  • Open gifts

What activities would you include on yours? If you decide to make your own advent calendar, tag me @jaimiepriamo on Instagram because I would love to see it!