Rainbow Donuts

We are getting into the St. Patty’s Day spirit with some festive rainbow donuts! These donuts are very easy to make and kids love them because of how colorful they are! Check out the recipe below: Ingredients: Flaky jumbo biscuits Vanilla icing Fruit Loops Mini Marshmallows Here is the link to our air fryer that … Continue reading Rainbow Donuts

Snow Painting

The recent low temperatures and wind chills below zero made it really hard to enjoy the snow outside with the kids! It was way too cold for them to be outside especially playing in the snow. I knew that I needed to find someway they could enjoy the snow safely. This is when I thought … Continue reading Snow Painting

Valentines for Kids

Since the boys are still young right now and they don’t have as many to hand out, I love making them! As you probably already know, both boys LOVE trucks. I wanted to make truck valentines for them to hand out to friends. In the bags I created, we put Reese hearts, mini shovels, and … Continue reading Valentines for Kids

Fall Craft for Kids

As a mom of two toddlers, I am constantly looking for new ways to keep my boys entertained. Growing up, crafts were a big part of my life. I always had so much fun creating different projects with my family. I knew that I wanted to give my boys the same experience I had as … Continue reading Fall Craft for Kids


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