Everyday Makeup Routine

While the no makeup quarantine look has been great, I do love to put on a little makeup to feel more put together! Below is my everyday makeup routine and like always, everything is very affordable!

I begin my routine with my Tula moisturizer and primer. I love the Tula Hydrating Day and Night cream. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and is very hydrating for your skin. Like its name, it can be used in the morning and at night! After applying my moisturizer, I use my Tula primer. This primer is the BEST! It smooths the tone of your skin and gives you a sunkissed look. They call it a face filter because it does just that!

Next, I apply my foundation and concealer. There are a few products that I love. The first is my Estee Lauder Double Wear Matte Foundation in the shade Desert Beige. It’s waterproof, stays in place for hours, and looks fresh. Another great option is the IT Cosmetics CC cream foundation in shade light medium because it creates a flawless look and is SPF 50 which is an added bonus! If you prefer a powdered foundation, my go to is the Bare Minerals foundation in the shade Fairly Light, it creates a light, no makeup feel. For concealer, I use my Tarte Shape Tape Under Eye Concealer in the shade light medium. Shape Tape is my savior! It helps eliminate my dark mom circles/bags under my eyes and brightens my under eye appearance.

Then, I apply my bronzer and blush. My two favorites are Park Avenue Princess by Tarte and Butter Bronzer by Physician’s Formula. The Park Avenue princess is a bit darker which is definitely better to use during the summer time. The Body Butter is an amazing price point, so you can’t beat that! To apply, I use it as a contour and make the shape of a 3 on my right side and a backwards 3 on the left. For my blush, I use the Milani baked blush in the color Luminoso which creates a gorgeous pop of color on your cheeks! It’s a great blush that won’t break the bank!

After the bronzer, I like to set my makeup in place to ensure it will stay fresh looking all day. I use the Airspun Setting Powder which has been around forever but works so well!

Next, I apply my eye shadow and eyeliner. I have two favorite palettes. The first one, Urban Decay Naked 3, is a bit of a splurge, but I LOVE the rose-hue natural shades. The other, NYX Warm Neutrals, is a great price point and has a great range of neutral colors. For eyeliner, I like to use the Eyeko Easy Stroke Eyeliner. It creates a nice,easy smooth stroke.

Then, I apply my mascara which is my can’t live without makeup item. I love to start with the Loreal Lash Primer (this helps create longer lashes) finished by either the Essence Lash Princess (only $5!) or Benefit’s Big Bang Girl Mascara. Both do an amazing job for volume and length!

Last but not least, is my lip color! I love using the NYX Butter Gloss! It’s under $5 and is better than most of the more expensive options in my opinion. There are so many colors to choose from. My favorites are Tiramisu, Angel Food Cake, and Creme Brulee.

Lots of great affordable products! I hope you find something you love too!



Amazon Skincare Finds

Nothing feels better than SMOOTH, CLEAR skin! It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I realized I wasn’t taking good care of my skin. I didn’t have a daily skincare routine and didn’t know what a serum was! (Embarrassing!!) With some help of friends and social media (it takes a village!), I finally created a skincare routine that helped me achieve more youthful skin.

I am constantly trying to improve my skincare routine by experimenting with different products while trying to keep it budget friendly. Out of convenience, I turned to Amazon to help! I linked some of my favorite skincare products that are highly rated and work wonders!

First, I begin my routine with a facial cleanser. I have been using this particular one for awhile now. I love that the ingredients are natural and it is very gentle on your skin.

Next, I use a facial toner to help remove any dirt or excess oils. This one has been around for awhile and works so well!

Then, I apply my facial serum which helps hydrate my skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. This serum is my absolute favorite and so affordable!

After using my serum, I move onto my eye cream and/or eye balm. I use both of these products frequently. The Tula eye balm has an amazing cooling effect that helps wake up my skin. The Neutrogena eye cream then helps with my dark circles and puffiness.

Next, I use my moisturizer to help my skin feel fresh, smooth, and youthful. I have two affordable moisturizers that I love to use.

Last, but not least, I apply sunscreen to my face. This is the most important step in my opinion! I love this particular sunscreen because it is weightless and apply so nicely without any greasiness.

In addition to all of this, I love using these two mask products as needed to keep my skin feeling fresh.

This seems like A LOT, but I promise you investing in your skin is worth it!