Garden Sensory Play

What comes to mind when thinking about spring? For me, it’s the warmer weather and beautiful flowers. I just knew that I had to create a garden sensory bin for the boys! This may be my favorite sensory bin yet! I love it because there is so much learning going on! While post of my sensory bins are open ended play, I started this one with some guided play because I wanted the boys to learn about the flower cycle.

To begin our play, I read the book Look! Flowers! This book talks about different kinds of flowers and has a brief introduction to the flower cycle. The boys enjoyed identifying the different flowers and noticing the unique colors/shapes of them.

After our book, I gave the boys their garden sensory bin! Below are all of the materials I used to create the bin!

Materials for Garden Sensory Bin:

To begin, I gave the boys the bin with only the soil (black beans), clay pots, gardening tools, and seeds (pom poms). I had the boys plant their seeds in the clay pots and then had them dig up the soil using their gardening tools. Note: I matched the seed colors to the fake plants I had because I wanted to boys to practice color identification. Therefore if they planted 3 orange seeds, they filled their pot with 3 orange flowers. Afterwards, I had the boys put their matching flowers in and they used a dropper to water their plants!

The boys had so much fun with this hands on learning experience. After guiding them through the process, I left them to do some open ended play. It was a lot of fun to see what they came up with!

What’s your favorite thing to plant in your garden!?



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