Snow Painting

The recent low temperatures and wind chills below zero made it really hard to enjoy the snow outside with the kids! It was way too cold for them to be outside especially playing in the snow. I knew that I needed to find someway they could enjoy the snow safely. This is when I thought of snow painting!

What is Snow Painting?

It’s exactly how it sounds! You paint snow but with water and food dye!

What materials do I need?

How do I set it up?

To set up the bin, you will fill it about halfway with snow. After filling it with snow, you will fill a few cups with water. I gave each boy 2 cups and put 1-2 drops of food dye in each cup. I gave the boys some paint brushes and let them have at it!

Aside from painting, they did some mixing, pouring, and dumping! I love watching where their minds go and the different skills they use!

Have you ever played with snow inside? Tell me what activities you have done!



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