Valentine’s Day Learning Activity

As a former teacher, I love to create activities for the boys that focus on multiple different skills. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I wanted to create a fun activity for them that involved hearts. I decided to create a counting activity because math is a big focus in our household right now. I love this activity because it is easy to create (hello busy moms!) and focuses on so many different skills such counting, number and color recognition, and fine motor skills.

What materials are needed?

How do I set up the activity?

You will need 5 different colored hearts (you could do more or less also!). You want to make sure you have beads to match your colors. You will punch a hole in each heart at the top. Cut your pipe cleaner in half and attach it to the heart through the hole and fold it over to have it stay in place. Next, put a number on each colored heart. Last, put a bowl of beads out (I only used the colors that were on my hearts).

How does the activity work?

For this activity, your child will look at the heart and the number on it. They will then put the color bead and number on the pipe cleaner. For example, if the heart is red and the number 3, they will find 3 red beads to put on the pipe cleaner. This will help them with their color and number identification, counting skills, and it’s great fine motor skills for those little fingers getting the beads on the pipe cleaner!

That’s it! Super easy set up and activity. You could make this more challenging by using bigger numbers or changing the colors. There are a lot of ways to differentiate this activity based on your child’s skill level.

Would you try this activity at home? What questions do you have?



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