Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

I love spoiling the boys with baskets for every holiday! I had a really fun time creating my “basket” for Valentine’s Day. Since the boys are really into trucks, I decided to use their dump trucks as their basket. I added some foam heart stickers to give it some Valentine’s Day style!

Now, I will tell you what I put inside! You probably know by now that I always love to include books. The teacher in me can’t go without them! For Bennett, I chose Love from the Crayons and for Bodie, I chose My Fuzzy Valentine. For more Valentine’s Day book ideas, check out my Amazon Storefront!

In addition to books, I love to add clothing items to the basket. I try to keep it as practical as possible! A t-shirt or pajamas are always a hit. I decided to find t-shirts that worked with our truck theme! Aside from the t-shirt, I couldn’t resist these red Nike hats. The boys always can use hats when the weather gets warmer here in Texas. Last, I included Nike socks because for some reason we always lose socks! Anyone else have the same problem?!

Last, I had to fill the basket with some toys and candy! I found these cute little cups at the Dollar Tree and filled them with Hershey kisses. The Dollar Tree also had these fun glasses and slinkies for the boys. Everything matched our fun color scheme!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope this serves as some inspiration for you all!



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