Valentine’s Day Kick Off Gifts

As a lover of all things holiday, it is safe to say that I like to make a big deal out of them! There is just something so special and magical about them. I want my boys to feel the same magic I do. To get the boys excited for Valentine’s Day, I put together these little gifts that I plan to give them on February 1st!

I love to include books inside all of my holiday gifts because reading is so important! On top of that, it helps build your book collection for that specific holiday. It’s amazing to have a variety of books to read and do activities with. Along with the books, I bought the boys some adorable Valentine’s Day pajamas! Sometimes it can hard to find cute pajamas for boys, but these were absolutely perfect!

To assemble the bundle, I used ribbon, hearts that I painted and added their names to (Dollar Tree), and foam heart sticks. On the side, I included some cute wands for them to play with! I have linked the items below for you to check out.

Truck Pajamas and Little Blue Truck’s Valentine book
Truck Pajamas and Love Monster and the Last Chocolate
Valentine’s Day Ribbon

To shop other Valentine’s Day books ideas, check out my Amazon storefront using the link below:



This post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commission when you purchase through these links. This is at no cost to you and in no way changes the cost of the product. As always, thank you for supporting my blog.

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