Fall Craft for Kids

As a mom of two toddlers, I am constantly looking for new ways to keep my boys entertained. Growing up, crafts were a big part of my life. I always had so much fun creating different projects with my family. I knew that I wanted to give my boys the same experience I had as a child. Lucky for me, my boys love art time!

When I am coming up with crafts and activities for the boys, I always love to do something quick and easy because a toddlers attention span can be short! I found the perfect fall craft that requires very little prep and materials which is a win-win situation in my book!

I like to call this broccoli art because it is exactly how it sounds! Below is a list of materials and how to create your own masterpiece!


Creating long branches makes it easier for the kids to add more leaves.
The paper plate made it really easy to mix paints during the process.

To start, you draw your a tree frame on the canvas (like above) and color it with the brown Sharpie. I made sure to include long branches on my tree to give the boys more area to create their fall leaves. Next, I put the paints on a paper plate (makes it easy for cleanup) and cut different sizes of broccoli to use as stampers to create the leaves on the tree. To create the leaves on the tree, your child can use the broccoli as a stamper and stamp it along the branches. I covered the trunk of the tree, so my boys wouldn’t stamp that area. I found that mixing the paints together created a really beautiful picture! This activity was easy and fun! It also makes a gorgeous art piece for your house which is an added bonus! Below you can see the boys in action creating their masterpiece!

Bennett was so excited to use food as part of his art project!
Bodie loved stamping the broccoli in the paint and seeing the mix of colors.

If you decide to try this, tag me @jaimiepriamo in your finished product on Instagram! I would love to see your take on it! Happy painting!


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