Welcome Basket for Guest Room

When we moved from the east coast to Texas, we left behind our family and lots of great friends. Living far away gave us an opportunity to host family and friends at our house while they were able to explore Texas! One of my favorite things to do as I prepare the house for guests to arrive is to create a Welcome Basket!

A welcome basket is an assortment of items that would be useful to guests as they stay overnight at your house. I always love to personalize the basket to whoever is staying. If I know my guest loves a certain type of treat or wine, I always include that in the basket to help make them feel special. When I know it’s someone’s first time traveling to Texas, I always add Texas themed items like a shirt, dish towel, or spices.

Finding a basket that fits well with your guestroom decor is the first step to creating your basket. You will be using the basket multiple times, so you want to make sure it’s something you love! I included some of my favorite baskets that are budget friendly.

Top Left Basket

Top Right Basket

Bottom Left Basket

Bottom Right Basket

Now for the fun part…filling the basket! Here are some items that I include in my basket:

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, flossers, and mouthwash are always great because they are items often forgotten when traveling.

Razors and shaving cream are always a nice touch because again, they are easily forgotten when traveling!

Hand sanitizer is now a must in my welcome baskets because it’s used so often due to the current pandemic. I also found these cute and affordable candles that are a perfect take home gift for guests that I like to put in the basket. Everyone has loved them so far!

One thing I learned through hosting and being a guest at other houses is that people don’t like to have to ask for things. As a host, I always put bottled water in their room because guests love having easy access to water. It’s also nice to refill their bottled water throughout their stay. I LOVE adding a sweet treat in the basket. Trader Joe’s always has a great selection. They make the perfect afternoon pick me up or late night snack!

As you can see, a welcome basket isn’t hard to make and it goes an extra step to make everyone feel at home away from home! I love seeing my guests faces as they walk in the room and see a basket of goodies just for them!

So tell me…what would you include in your guest welcome basket!?



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