Halloween Boo Baskets

What is a Boo Basket?

A boo basket is a fun way to celebrate Halloween with your kids, co workers, neighbors, or friends! A boo basket is a basket full of Halloween goodies like toys, books, candy, or anything Halloween themed. The best thing about them is that you can personalize them for whoever you are making them for. A kid basket will look a lot different than an adult basket! Below, you will see the boo baskets I designed for my boys and what I put in them!

How do I make a Spider Boo Basket?

My boys love singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider, so I decided to do a spider themed basket! To make the basket, I bought two black locker bins from the Dollar Tree. I found a very similar one from Walmart that would work well if you can’t find them at your local Dollar Tree. The big googly eyes and black oversized pipe cleaners were from Michaels. I used a hot glue gun to attach the eyes to the front of the bin and large pipe cleaners for the legs. For the legs, I wrapped all eight around the handle of the bin and glued them down so they would hold steady.

Black Locker Bin // Big Googly Eyes // Large Pipe Cleaner

What did I put in my Boo Baskets?

With two toddler boys running around the house like crazy, the last thing I need in my basket is candy. The energy level is already really high at our house! I decided to include some practical gifts that would be good for everyday use.

To give my basket height, I used black decorative shred from the Dollar Tree. I ended up using two for each basket. You can also buy a large bag from Amazon if you need to do more than one basket.

Black Decorative Shred

Now for the goodies! I wanted to put some fun Halloween clothes in the basket. I found these adorable Mickey t-shirts (I’m a Disney lover) that I couldn’t resist!

Mickey Mouse T-Shirts

My sister in law is in the process of starting an Etsy shop that I will link once it’s complete. She makes my boys the BEST personalized outfits! How cute are these personalized Halloween shirts!? They are just perfect for the BOO basket! I can’t wait to see them on the boys.

Reading is very important at our house, so I included some fun Halloween books that I know the boys will LOVE! Buying new books for every occasion is one of my favorite things to do! You can never have enough books.

Book List

Pop up Peekaboo Pumpkin

If You’re Spooky and You Know It

There’s a Monster in my Book

You’re my Little Pumpkin Pie

Next, I knew I needed some kind of toy. I found these Halloween Squishy toys that come in a pack of 4. They are great for sensory play. They come with a vampire, pumpkin, ghost, and zombie.

Halloween Squishy Toys

Last, I included some fun Halloween socks from my Target Dollar section, gel clings, and stickers because what kid doesn’t love stickers!?

Socks // Felt Stickers // Gel Clings

I love making holiday baskets for the boys! Creating my own boo basket this year was a lot of fun. If you don’t feel like being crafty, you can always buy a regular bucket like this one and fill it up! The boys are going to love all of their special treats. The best part for me is that everything was pretty affordable. So tell me, what would be in your boo basket!?



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