Toddler Water Activities

There is something magical about toddlers and water. And by magical, I mean it keeps them entertained for more than the usual five minutes! Both my boys love the water so much and will play in it for hours! I wanted to share our favorite water activities below.

Water Table: Water Tables are a great opportunity for sensory play. It teaches kids so many skills that we don’t even realize. They learn to pour, splash, explore different textures, spin, and so much more. The water table comes with multiple accessories including buckets, squirt toys, strainers, and small cups. I love that it’s large enough for a few kids to play which makes it a perfect activity for play dates.

Splash Pad: This is my favorite new purchase! We had an inflatable kiddie pool for awhile and the boys weren’t very interested in it. Honestly, I was more interested than them. I decided to look for an alternative and found this gem! It is ultimately a sprinkler that you can continuously stand under. It keeps the kids nice and cool out in the heat. Mom’s favorite part is that there is no draining or cleaning! The hose is hooked to the splash pad and you just turn it off- that’s it!

Bubble Machine: This isn’t technically a water activity, but bubbles are a liquid so it made it on the list! For this machine, all you have to do is pour the bubbles in the front and boom-there are tons of bubbles! The boys love chasing these all around. They are long lasting and the machine is very easy to operate even for kids!

Fake Kitchen Sink with Water: This is a great activity for pretend play! It helps their fine motor skills because they have to turn the water on and off. It comes with dishes for them to practice washing and drying. I love when toys help kids learn real life skills! Maybe someday the boys will wash my dishes…wishful thinking right!?

Under the Bed Storage Container: This may sound strange, but there are so many activities that you can do with an under the bed storage container! Lately, I’ve filling it with water and adding lots of cups, spoons, and measuring cups to practice pouring with. Sometimes, I add food coloring to the mix to make it a little more fun! Another fun way to spice it up is to add some soap. Then you can show your little ones how to wash their toys. Yes…you heard that right…kids can clean the toys then you don’t have to!! We also add different toys to see which ones sink and which ones float! It’s amazing how many lessons and skills you can teach through play!

Happy Water Play!



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