The Best Summer Candles!

Who loves a good candle!? ME!! Surprisingly, I didn’t always appreciate candles. I thought they were boring. When I was teaching, I received A LOT of candles which is what led me to love them! They really do make great gifts!

There is something special about having a candle lit while sipping a glass of wine or taking a bubble bath. Or there’s me who lights a candle while taking a bath and drinking wine! I always light a candle right before guests come over to make the house smell nice! Nothing is better than getting a compliment that your house smells nice especially when you have toddlers running around making a mess. While winter candles are my absolute favorite, I can really appreciate a nice summer candle. The summer ones usually have a great fruity or beach smell and ALWAYS look pretty in your house! Below are my top picks for the best summer candles!

Top Left (Beach Cottage) // Top Middle (Volcano) // Top Right (Pineapple Mango)

Center Left (Wildberry) // Center Middle (Orange) // Center Right (Moonlight)

Bottom Left (Rose) // Bottom Middle (Ocean Mist) // Bottom Right (Panjore)

My thoughts on each candle:

Beach Cottage by Homesick makes you feel like you’re at the beach even when you can’t be there! The smell sparks memories of the salty ocean air and the sand between your toes. It has notes of sandalwood, amber, and sea air in it.

Volcano by Capri Blue is my absolute favorite candle! It has tropical fruit and citrus smells that gives off an island feel. The actual candle is pretty and comes in multiple different colors which is always an added bonus!

Pineapple Mango by Bath and Body Works is another great fruity candle as you can tell from it’s name! The combination of the pineapple and mango makes the perfect scent. It’s made from essential oils too!

Wildberry Frose by Opalhouse is a great affordable candle! It’s pretty and pink which seals the deal for me! It has an aroma filled with berries, black current buds, and woodsy scents which makes it a great summer time candle.

Orange Blossom by Nest has a gorgeous glass votive vase that looks great in your house. It has a modern look which makes it more appealing. The candle has scents of orange blossom, tangerine, and orchid which make a great combination of fruity and floral.

Island Moonlight by Opalhouse is another inexpensive candle that smells amazing! It has an aroma of currant, orange, and grapefruit making your house smell nice and tangy! The fruity smell is so welcoming for summer time.

Sparkling Rose by Voluspa is in a gorgeous rose gold tin that looks classy in any household! It has notes of sparkling wine and rose petals, so you can’t go wrong!

Ocean Mist by Natural Homes candle gives you a relaxed feeling with the ocean scent. After a long day, this candle will bring your home some peace. It has a wooden canvas lid and white matte glass container which makes it look adorable in your home.

Panjore Lynchee by Voluspa comes in an opaque pink glass jar which makes you want to gift it to all of your girlfriends because it’s pink and cute! Aside from it being beautiful, it has a nice, fresh summery scent.

I hope you find a great summer candle for your house!



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