Upstairs Loft Tour

I am so excited about how our upstairs loft turned out!  Embarrassingly enough, this room was used as storage to put things that didn’t have a place for the longest time!  We finally decided it was time to make this space functional.  

I always had a vision for it to be used as an additional living room.  Let’s be real, my husband and I don’t always have the same taste in TV shows…so I decided we need to have a comfortable, fashionable couch and of course TV!  I found the cutest couch that turns into a bed on Amazon! This is big for us because our family lives out of town which means more room for guests to make themselves comfortable.  I mean seriously, I bought a COUCH on Amazon, that’s a thing now.  What can’t you buy on Amazon?  

Amazon Couch

This couch the perfect size for our living space and just looks darling.  Our couch is the grey linen color which is more like an ivory.  There are several different color options to choose from.

I decided to go for a black and white look, so naturally the rug and pillows had to go with the theme. I couldn’t find our exact rug, but I linked one that is very similar.

Target Pillows

Amazon Area Rug

My absolute FAVORITE part of our loft is the black and white canvas prints of the boys!  There is nothing I love more in this world than my boys, so I definitely go overboard with pictures of them in the house!  I am so thrilled with how these turned out. To order, I used Easy Canvas Prints.  I personally love this website because they always have some kind of promotion and they ship quickly!  

To create the look, I started by taking a picture of each boy in front of our gray couch (I liked the darker background).  It took a few rounds to get them to smile, but it was so worth it!  After I took the pictures, I went onto the website and chose the black and white option.  While I love color, there is something so classy and timeless about black and white photo.  My canvas are 36 x 24.  Each canvas is about 3 inches apart. 



One thought on “Upstairs Loft Tour

  1. You have such a talent for decorating! Love the black and white decor! Obviously I am very partial to those sweet boys in the photos!


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